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At Monster Sports Insurance, we are passionate about people who take part in amateur sports & activities getting the best injury insurance available.

Accidents or injuries sustained whilst doing any type of activity can spell disaster for those who do not have sports injury insurance. Should you not be able to work, you could find yourself unable to pay your bills – a situation which can quickly escalate in to financial difficulties.

When considering buying sports injury insurance it can be confusing to understand what the cover actually provides. We believe you should cover what’s important to you, and most people would agree that protecting your income is the most essential. That’s why our policy focuses on income protection.

Our income protection policy pays you an income if you’re injured or ill and can’t work. This allows you to be competitive in whatever sport or activity you do, safe in the knowledge that if the worst happens and you need to take time off work to recover, you’ll still have an income.

It also covers you if you get injured at work too.

5 Good reasons why you should have income protection:

It will never happen to me…
Covers you for all your sports
Covers injuries at work too
It’s cheaper than you think
Ensures your bills are paid
It will never happen to me…

Famous last words?  A trip to any hospital on the weekend will always highlight the number of injuries from amateur sports and activities.

With the correct cover, people say that that enjoy their sport and activities far more. It gives them the confidence to go at it as hard, or to as tough a level as they want, without that nagging worry in the back of their mind.

Covers you for all your sports

No matter how many sports you do or how high-risk or hazardous they are, our policy covers your for all of them. This gives you complete peace of mind, so if you decide to take up a new sport, or even decide to do a spur-of the-moment naked skydiving jump, you know you’ll automatically be covered!

Unlike some sports injury insurance policies, with income protection cover you won’t have to prove that your injury was sport related – how refreshing!

Covers injuries at work too

Our policies cover you 24/7/365, at work, rest or play. Whilst our policies have been selected especially for people taking part in amateur sports and activities, they don’t just cover you whilst you for that. It’s great to know that if you’re injured at work, the cover is the same. Perfect for those who do a manual job.

To top it all off, you’ll also be covered if you can’t work due to illness.

It’s cheaper than you think

Protecting yourself and your wages against injuries whilst doing sports and activities is probably much cheaper than you think. Whether you’re employed or self-employed, you can find a policy to match your budget. Get an instant personal injury quote now, and see how quick and easy it is to get you and your income insured.

Ensures your bills are paid

Many people think that if they are unable to work the state will provide for them, but Government support doesn’t stretch very far at all. For example, from 6th April 2019 the statutory sick pay for employees in the UK is just £94.25 per week – could you live off that? With our policies you can protect a level of income that suits you. You could protect enough of your wages for your rent/mortgage and essential bills, so that you know you will always be able to afford them.

In January 2019 Which? consumer magazine stated ‘The one protection policy every working adult in the UK should consider is the very one most of us don’t have – income protection.’

What does our sport injury insurance cover?

Our accident and injury insurance policy provides money when you need it most, helping you to pay your bills if you have to take time off work. This insurance covers you for injuries from whatever sport or activity you do (even the high-risk types), and even covers you at work, home, 247. For ultimate peace of mind, our My Earnings Protected income protection policy has no limits to the length of your claim, and can pay you a monthly income right up to retirement, should the worst happen.

Why should I have sport injury insurance?

Many sports are tough and physical, with fast turns and tackles, or falls of bikes and horses. Therefore accidents and injuries are common, including broken ankles, wrists and legs, and the common ACL injury can put you off your feet for months. All of these types of injuries could lead to time off work and in such cases this can mean a significant drop or loss of income, especially if your employer doesn’t provide sick-pay, or if you’re self-employed. This type of sport injury insurance offers you peace of mind that you’ll have money when you need it most, as an on-going income whilst you are signed off work. For extra security, our policy covers you 24/7 so you don’t have to worry about proving that your injury was sport or activity related. Our My Earnings Protected income protection policy even provides you with the peace of mind that you are covered for illness too – providing all-round financial protection.