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Martial arts are competitive sports covering a wide range of fighting disciplines, including taekwondo, judo and karate. Each requires a high degree of mental and physical stamina, along with strength and endurance to overcome your opponent. Due to the physical nature of these sports, injuries for fighters can be common, like lower back problems, neck injury, foot injury, head injury, broken bones and even concussion, all of which could mean time off work. Martial arts injury insurance is highly recommended, as this will help replace amateur fighters lost wages, allowing them to concentrate on their recovery, and not worrying about how they’re going to make their rent or mortgage payments. Martial arts club insurance can also be taken out to protect the club, its premises and officers, against all eventualities.

two fighters in martial arts on crash mats with combat discipline in karate taekwondo judo and will have injury insurance for protection. Their club has signed up for an affiliate sports club insurance

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