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Insurance covering your snowboard and your other sports equipment in one simple policy

Quick guide to this policy
What’s covered
Why its a good idea
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Quick guide to this policy

What does it do?

Our specialist Sports Equipment Insurance / Sports Clothing & Personal Effect Insurance policy covers all of your personally owned sports & activity equipment against loss damage and theft, anywhere in world. (Including items belonging to partner / children). It automatically covers high-risk and extreme sports equipment too!

Great to know:

We don’t ask you to specify individual items or their values, so your policy can cover equipment for ALL the sports and activities you do, including gear for extreme sports.

Automatically includes cover for damage during amateur competitions.

Cover includes repairing, reinstating or replacing your sports, activity and leisure equipment, and /or clothing and personal effects, with items of the same or similar specification.

How much will I get paid?

You select the level of cover you require, and you have to pay for the first £50 of every claim.

How does it pay out?

You get paid a cash lump sum.

What’s covered

This policy covers ALL your sporting and activity equipment, clothing and accessories (personal effects) to the total value you choose.

You can choose to cover JUST your sports equipment, or JUST your clothing & accessories, or you can take out cover for both.

You have a mountain bike valued at £3000 – therefore you would take out £3000 of Equipment Cover.
You also have a full face helmet, body armour and a Go-Pro worth around £1000 so you would take out an additional £1000 of Clothing & Accessories Cover.

This policy is extremely flexible as you are not required to list individual items or their values, but it is important that you know what is classed as equipment and what is classed as clothing & accessories.

Examples of equipment:
Bikes / Guns / Canoes
Windsurfers / Skiis / Snowboards
Mountaineering Gear / Camping Gear
Horse equipment / Hang Gliders etc.

Example of clothing & accessories (personal effects):
Sports Related Sat Navs
Protective Sports Clothing
Body Armour etc.

Your cover will include: Any Equipment, clothing and personal effects that you own, or for which you are legally responsible for, and which is/are intended to be used whilst taking part in its related sport or activity.

NOTE: This policy does not cover motorised vehicles or items that are mechanically propelled by engines powered by fuel.

Important note:
Go-Pro cameras will be covered as their primary purpose is to be used while taking part in a sport/leisure activity. They are designed and built for this and can withstand more damage than a regular camera.
GPS based devices, like handle bar mounted devices used for monitoring distance/calories burnt/performance/mapping etc. would be covered as again there are designed for this intended use.
A Fitbit would be covered as it is designed and intended to be used whilst participating in a sporting or leisure activity.

Devices such as an Apple watch or mobile phones would not be covered, as their primary use or design is not intended to be solely used for these activities.
A mobile phone’s primary use by design is intended for making calls/texts/Internet, and any sports or leisure applications that can be installed are secondary to it’s primary intended function.

Other hand help cameras/digital SLR cameras/movie cameras etc. would not be covered as unlike Go-Pros, their stability and durability are not designed to be used in sport or leisure activities as a primary function.

Why its a good idea

Replacing sports and activity equipment can be expensive, and any loss, damage or theft of those items can potentially stop you from taking part in what you love doing most.

this snowboarder can jump high and know he is covered with great insurance for him and his board when he is out on the slopes with his board on holiday enjoying winter sports

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