mountain bike rider jumping at a bike park with other mountain bikers that like MTB or he may be on a trail downhill sending it through a berm and having mountain bike insurance to cover injury as well as his bike helmet and body armour on the track and during an uplift and even for enduro and cross country with full suspension and hard tail options Tackling rugby players covered in mud who all have rugby insurance in case the worst happens, and their clubhouse is covered by rugby club insurance. Their club has signed up for an affiliate sports club insurance. Man in a fluorescent green top and black shorts cycling fast downhill with cycling insurance and cycling bike insurance football insurance football club insurance football injury insurance Football players running with ball towards net to score a goal. Their club has football club insurance. Their club has signed up for an affiliate sports club insurance archery insurance archery bow insurance archery club insurance archery injury insurance. Their club has signed up for an affiliate sports club insurance Fast jump on a windsurf rig for this windsurfer that has insurance for windsurfing injury to himself as he windsurfs or for any loss damage or theft of his windsurf board sail or kit at home or whilst on a windsurfing holiday Climbing equipment insurance Climbing injury insurance A climber is glad he has climbing injury insurance as he is going up a vertical cliff face a parkour runner jumping between roof gaps with parkour injury insurance in case things go wrong with free running and or landings


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At Monster Sports Insurance, we are passionate about people who take part in amateur sports & activities getting the best injury insurance available.

Accidents or injuries sustained whilst doing any type of activity can spell disaster for those who do not have sports injury insurance. Should you not be able to work, you could find yourself unable to pay your bills – a situation which can quickly escalate in to financial difficulties.

When considering buying sports injury insurance it can be confusing to understand what the cover actually provides. We believe you should cover what’s important to you, and most people would agree that protecting your income is the most essential. That’s why our policy focuses on income protection.

Our income protection policy pays you an income if you’re injured or ill and can’t work. This allows you to be competitive in whatever sport or activity you do, safe in the knowledge that if the worst happens and you need to take time off work to recover, you’ll still have an income.

It also covers you if you get injured at work too.

Kayaking Accident Insurance protecting this kayaker on a crystal blue lake.

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Sports Injury Insurance

Injuries are a natural part of life for people who regularly play sport. For team sports in particular, injuries are very common, so it’s important that amateur sports people take out adequate sports injury insurance. Some teams may provide a basic level of insurance for players, but otherwise players should consider income protection insurance for peace of mind when playing any type of sport. Our Sports Injury Insurance covers individuals for every type of sport and activity, against all eventualities, and even for time off work due to injuries at work, and for illness too.